At this era, the civilization development of human life can be seen by us obviously. It is proved by the development of  knowledge in each sectors, as well. Therefore they can create new thing and perhaps we have never had imagination about that with our mind. One of them that we can get of its benefit is the development of technology. For example, if people want to send  a letter or to report the information, they would send it through a bird, telegram, and so on. But right now, it’s not dificcult to do it. There is a technology advancement, its name is HP (hand phone).

With HP, people can send the information each other faster and more easily by sms program or calling directly, moreover there is an information technology that everyone uses anytime and anywhere, its name is internet. We can get many accesses of information from over all the world so fast.

As a part of information technology, internet is like a knife that has two sides. First side, this technology will give benefits for users if they use it for the good things, for example searching the references for school lesson, discussing about the lesson, searching a scholarship program, consulting to the expert person, etc. The second side, unfortunately, the aim of  internet using is for bad things.

There are so many activities in internet access we can do, such as googling, surfing, browsing, blogging, chatting, and so forth. The most popular of them lately is chatting. Chatting makes old people and young people addicted.

Chatting is an application where its users probably do a written communication each other directly. Basicaly chatting is good for people who want to get an instant access to their partner job in fast communicating, but most of people do chatting in the wrong way. There are so many problem in the wrong act of chatting, and writer thinks we need to solve the problem by the effective solutions.

Because of that, writer is really interested to discuss chatting as a topic for this paper. This paper will explain about chatting, its problem, and the effective solutions for solving chatting’s problem. And, writer give the title for this topic is “CHATTING AND ITS IMPACTS”.



Amazing technology can develop communication sector too. The expansion of communication equipment which we recently use is internet (international networking). It is a communication system which has the fastest growth among other systems in the history of technology growth in this world. Based on Plaffenberger’s data, in 1994 It had been connected to 3 millions hosts. In 1995 the user population reached 30 millions hosts with 10 % growth per month. And in 1998 it increased to be 100 millions hosts.

Internet has facilities that can make user easier to get information, they are Electronic Mail (email), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), World Wide Web (WWW). In www, there is a popular facility at the society namely Chatting.

Chatting comes from synchronous chats or chat together  through internet. In Indonesian chatting means ngobrol or bercakap-cakap. And chatting terminology means a feature or program in internet for having direct communication between a user to other user that are online together. In other definition, chatting means communication media via text, voice, even visual in internet for users in different place. Chatting can happen when 2 users or more come in a forum in internet that its name is Chat Room. So, chatting means a direct communication media that is a feature or program in internet and the online user can do it via text, voice or visual each other.


Recently, there are so many chatting applications which appear in internet with various features and very interesting, such as, Yahoo Messenger, MIRC, Facebook, MSN, ICQ, Arch, Virch, etc. Several things related to chatting application are :

  1. Real Time. Chatting application is explained as an application that user probably communicates to other via text, voice or visual directly (live/real time).
  2. Nickname. Chatting users must sign their nickname (without password) as a unique identification in a system.It is valid and is known by system as long as the session of accessing is going on until the user signs out “exit” from chat room or browser closed.
  3. Public Room. The communication happens in a virtual chat room which has some members.
  4. Send Message. User can type a conversation text on the area of typing and push a enter button for sending it.
  5. Auto Refresh. The appearance of conversation area is automatically refreshed as long as a couple of second once. So, user always know the conversation that is going on  from other user without refreshing for a page manually.

Chatting is not only popular in teenager circle but also in adult circle nowadays. By chatting, we can take many conversations for example job, friendship, dating, subjects, consultation, until for a private thing. So, each chatter can express what they want without good controlling. And sometimes it can make the other chatters feel angry and annoyed. Because of that, many bloggers have described about tips and trick or etiquette for chatting. They are :

  1. Use a courteous language/word. Impoliteness can cause us discharged by channel operator from channel or chat room.
  2. Don’t use capital character. Using capital character can mean that we are shouting.
  3. Don’t do spam or send an information/an advertising that are not important to others continually because they will be annoyed.
  4. Don’t use a strong color for character
  5. If someone invites us to talk about the topic we don’t like (sex, politic, and so forth), reject him softly.
  6. Avoid a dispute or a poignant debate. We have chatting to look for a friend or for fun and not to look for an adversary or to be stressful.
  7. If we get impolite word, it’s a good idea not to serve with the same word.

The most popular chatting applications nowadays are facebook. It is a facility in WWW (World Wide Web) which has many features. Facebook users can keep in touch with other, playing game and chatting. In worldstat data until 15 March 2009 shows that  the facebook users at this world come from Indonesia reaches 1.446.320 users, from Australia reaches 4.807.460 users, and from turkey reaches 8.899.800 users.


It seems that almost all people in this world know chatting very well, in fact it is so friendly in our daily life. This facility is really useful for them who are far  from their families, friends, companion, or other relations. The benefit of talking in chatting application is cheap, beside that it is simple. Moreover, we can send our voice and its webcam there. So, it can be a perfectness of a long distance of communication. Society prefer to choose this technology than having a communication via telephone that is usually more expensive and be apprehensive about pulse growing up.

Based on the benefit explanation of chatting above, precisely it can make chatters to do the wrong way, they use this technology improvement irresponsibility and excessive. It can bump into their life style and the deviation of social attitude. The excessive chatting is same as a person who is addicted by drugs. They create their world by themselves that the world is not real but they are able to enjoy it like a real world. The most ironic thing of this problem is there is a changing of user profile and orientation.

According to MB. Ariyanto, the biggest of internet users lately are students of junior high school, after that students of senior high school, and unfortunately, student college is in the third position (except for internet center which is near from campus). Most of them (SLTP, SLTA & SD) use an internet for playing games or chatting. In average, they are sincere to waste their time about 3 – 5 hours per day and to spend their money about Rp. 7.000 – Rp. 30.000 per day for playing game and chatting in internet. Those things make an addicted effect for student itself and make the student be lazy to study, to recitate, and they try to play games or chatting in their free time.

Beside the chatting impact above, there are so many chatting impacts appeared by the excessive of chatting. They are :

First, Chatters can be bored with the routine activity in house, because they can chat and make a joke with their new friend in their unreal world independently. As we know, at explanation above shows that the most of chatting/internet users are from students circle. It is  their way to search their happiness. Students absolutely will be bored if they have got to study or to do the activities that is the command from their parent. Because there is a chatting application, they are like someone who find a new activity that is more impressing. They can get new friends known or unknown. They can feel more independent to express all thing in their heart with other chatter than their parent.

Second, chatters can get  the opportunity to do the bad thing and direct to porn things easily because they feel independent to express what they want and nobody knows. They deem saying impolite word and doing bad behavior to their chatting friend is a proper thing. Beside that, we have well-known that lately porn videos resemble celebrities are booming in my country, automatically with the reason that chatters don’t know each others, perhaps they can discuss about pornography itself to their friend and they probably can ask the link for downloading those videos. And unfortunately, Several occurrences in Indonesia show there are rapes, deceptions, and abduction cases done by chatting friends.

Third, teenages era is a phase that teenager haven’t had a strong conviction (unstable). They will choose their way lifes agree with the condition of their neighborhood. If  chatters have chatting friends who have good behavior and good attitude, their parents definitely will not be apprehensive about the changes of their behavior children in the future, but if chatters have friends that their parents don’t know who they are and sadly they have a bad behavior. Exactly, it can make our children’s personality follows them.

Fourth, due to chatting, the campus intellectual is vanish. Chatting, facebook, watching television, twitter, handphone have decreased the awareness of critical thinking of university students. According to Saratri Wilionoyudho’s opinion that university students are okay staying up on the night to watch tv, to crush the key pad of HP, chatting, on line in internet than using their power of critical thinkning  to understand the problem happens in their environments.

Fifth, the last chatting impact is the changing of chatters to be individualistic persons. It is true that they have many friends in their unreal world because of chatting. But, as a parent exactly hopes their children have a sense of social to their real world, their neighborhood friends, and their school friends. For them who have been addicted by chatting usually will not get along with friends in their real world and they have enjoyed with their unreal world too much.


Actually there are many solutions and prevention efforts for solving the bad impacts of chatting.

  1. From ourselves

From ourselves means from chatters themselves. As chatter, we should be smart in choosing or using or filtering all of technology advancements in this globalization era. And as a man, we are strived to be sophisticated. We have to learn the amazing technology for knowing the benefits and the damages of it.

Beside that, if we want to chat, we should have chatting atiquettes, be smart to choose chatting friends, and should be able to manage our time, because so many people still need  our attention. Here, writer doesn’t suggest all people to do chatting. Writer only describes the effective solution to chatter getting the benefit of chatting.

  1. From parent

Because of advancement internet users in Indonesia that come from student circle (>75%), family and parent have an important role for controlling the children growth without having to make them be bridle. Its ways are :

  • Parent need to have a knowledge about internet and don’t judge ourselves as an old or stupid person who can’t understand internet and its program very well. Our children can deliberately let us can’t understand technology improvement, so we think there is no negative impact of internet.
  • Put the computer in sight places. Sometime parent feel proud can put a computer with internet connection in their children’s room. Actually, it will be dangerous for our children because they can access porn websites without parent knowing.
  • Help children can make a decision by themselves. Since you can’t control your children 24 hours, you have to make your children can make a decision by themselves from a little thing. For example, make a decision to use a suitable clothes or ask your children opinion about something, so when you are not beside your chidren or a porn website appears in internet, they can do anything properly. Teach a sense of pities in their heart, so whatever they want to do, they can remember that God always pays attention them anywhere.
  • Confine the time of chatting. Don’t let your children too infatuated in unreal world. Make sure how long the internet might be used and what website might be accessed. Don’t forget to explain why you do it to them, and help them to understand your act.
  • Keep good communication with your children. Give your free time to do something with your children. Good communication can help you to teach moral worth for your children easier. You can explain to your children about the damages of using chatting’internet excessively.


Chatting is a direct communication media that is a feature or program in internet and the online user can do it via text, voice or visual each other. There are so many impacts in chatting specially for students as the highest chatting users in Indonesia (>75%). The most dangerous negative effect of chatting is “addicted effect”. If we let this grow up, it will disturb the quality of children educations and their sense of social.

The effective solution for solving and preventing these negative impacts happen are through active role of their families. The parents have important role to solve this problem because the small environment of man is from family itself. Above all, don’t judge a technology as a scary thing but we should be able to make this technology improvement as a good news in order to have an education content, interesting tobe tried by student as the higest internet users in Indonesia nowadays.



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